25 Years of Building and Transforming Leadership Teams

COHESION was founded by Herb Mast who has over 25 years experience casting vision, passionately formulating and executing business strategies, developing high-functioning teams, and leading organizational transformations. Herb applies his wealth of knowledge and experience to help leaders in a broad spectrum of organizations to fill organizational knowledge gaps, align teams around a common purpose/goal, increase staff engagement, release true potential, and generally improve organizational health.

Herb has been extensively influenced by Patrick Lencioni - first through his book The Five Temptations of a CEO in 1999, then through his various other books, and more recently through an impactful face-to-face meeting. Herb finds Pat's writing style to be fun, simple, and compelling. It provided timely and practical wisdom for the challenges Herb was facing while leading a health care software company 2000 to 2004. Herb highly recommends Pat's books, including The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive, Death by Meeting, Politics, Silos and Turf Wars, Getting Naked, and The Advantage (see the Reference tab for more information on these titles).

Herb’s style, personality,
character and experience make him an ideal consultant, executive coach, and workshop facilitator. He is very hands-on and undertakes many of COHESION's engagements himself, including an extensive contract with Ford Motor Company. 

Previous to COHESION Herb founded four companies 
and has given executive leadership to a number of others. His experience spans a broad range of industries, including printing, publishing, advertising, banking, healthcare software systems, and automotive (pictured here with Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford).

Herb spent his first forty years in Vancouver, British Columbia, but now resides in Lincoln, Nebraska as a naturalized U.S. citizen. He has been happily married for more than 32 years and is proud of his three children and five grandchildren.

Contact Herb directly at hkmast@needCOHESION.com